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About Us

Finally I am proud to announce that Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is back on Palace now! The Xenaverse is a little piece of Ancient Greece and fantasy ready for you to explore. Check out Meg's Tavern and Rosie's Inn, the Amazon Village or take a little trip to Olympus to hang out with the Gods! There are avatar rooms full of Xena, Hercules, Ares, Gabby,fantasy avs and private apartments if you'd like your own piece of the The Xenaverse. Not only can you chill out in your apartment and hear music but you can enjoy the your favorite YouTube videos in the Twanky Disco and in The Widow Twanky's Dance Studios. That's not all, My aim is to remake everywhere Xena, Herc & Co. went on their shows or where they could have gone. From Amphipolis to the streets of Rome and more. Lots of screencaps, edits and animations andmy own creative twist

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graphic with Xena

Here are some more features: 

- Various water holes, waterfalls and a hot tub! 
- Fully detailed Amazon Village:

            We have the Amazon Lands, of the Selarissen Amazons with:

Amazon Forest

Queen's Hut

Amazon Pond

Amazon Bonfire

Amazon Mess yard

Artemis's Temple

Amazon Sauna

Amazon Challenge

Selarisseen High Council

Amazon Waterfalls and more

and much more so on and we're looking to fill it with a rpg tribe

  - Rosie's Inn 
  - Avatar rooms with a range of types (Photo, character, dollz, fantasy) 
  - Alternoverse (from Hercules Stranger and Stranger) 
  - Twanky Disco 
  - Meg's Tavern 
  - Mount Olympus and the Underworld! 
  - Various beach settings ...


- Rome and much more...

You don't know what "Palace" is? Well....I'll explain:
Palace is a nice chat client that doesn't take much of your harddrive and is easy to install AND it doesn't need a new pc. Also it can simply run in the background without taking to much from you. Means, you can run several applications while using it without having your pc shut down.

We all know chatting is fun. But wouldn't it be more fun in a graphical way? With avatars, not high graphics (that may slow down or harm your pc), cool invironments, music in between and in a nice and friendly invironment. 

You could even own a room just for YOU alone for decorating, beeing with that special someone or just for your loner needs. You could roleplay in an nice invironment that perfectly fits to your situations and places you are playing? Ever thought of beeing in an amazon tribe?

Well, in Palace you can all do that! And best of all it's FREE! So why not trying it out? 

Our goal with The Xenaverse is to bring all Xena fans together in a nice simple chat invironment. It's open 24/7 to explore. 
We are still working to get things better and to make this happen we need YOUR help. Every little finger you can lend us is helpful. Begins with spreading the word, telling your friends, put our links to your sites, visiting XV (The Xenaverse), encouraging us with emails etc etc. We really appreciate your help! Doesn't matter how much it is. 

So what we are asking of you now is to PLEASE have a look at XV and tell us your thoughts! What you like, what you dislike, what keeps you away from Palace or even better what you like on it. 

And most of all: PLEASE attend our meetings! Don't just say....I'll come and don't. If you come please do! 

Our goal in the future is to get a European Xena Meeting for fans over whole Europe once a year. I personally think it's a good idea because we all know Americans get the most fun in this and we need something for Europe too. So let's start bit by bit and let's see how it works out. 

We are working hard to get this dream come true! 
For now all we are asking of you is to come over to Palace Chat, so that we can see who is interested in this idea.
There's a whole range of rooms to check out, it's the perfect environment to explore and discover what rooms we've made.



graphic with Xena


graphic with Xena