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Eve: The Virtual Series: Season 1: Promises of a New Day

EPISODE NAME:Promises of a New Day 

Story By:

Written By: Kimberley Rector and Martha Wilson 

Episode 1:1

Adrienne Wilkinson as Eve 
Tracy Lynn Cruz as Alex 
Austin St. John as Craig

"Promise of a New Day"


The forces of light and darkness are at war! It is an unseen battle that rages on in the shadows of the night, on plains of the spirit and the mind and in our own hearts. The battle is the balance between the two and choice is the weapon and each individual is the ground on which this war can take place. When a time approaches where the forces of evil tip the scales, enforcing their reign through chaos and demons, how do the forces of good restore the balance? By bringing forth a champion, a warrior, a messenger of the light.

In New York, the city that never sleeps, In the dark night moonlight illuminates the sky and shines upon two people, a man and woman fighting with several demons in a park upon a bridge over looking a river. The woman blocks several punches from the demons and then kicks each one down. The man punches one demon and sends it flying. He then kicks the feet out from another demon but as this green demon falls to the ground the spike that extends from its wrist is stabs the man in his side. He falls down in pain.

Man- (screams) Alex!

Alex-(looks over her shoulder) Craig!

Alex does a round house kick on two of the demons to distract them and uses the time to run over and help Craig up. Alex tries to drag him away by going over the bridge. Two more demons block their escape at the other side of the bridge. With no where to run and the demons continuing to advance Alex finally throws herself and Craig over the bridge and the lets the current of the river take them away.

Following the current, the river banks change slightly and time shifts from night to day and to an ancient time.

PERSIA: Over 2000 years ago 
We pan up from the river and see a woman with green clothing and long dark hair. She is followed by a group of people. Her mouth is speaking words we can't hear but the group she is with are smiling and nodding. As they move forward to enter a small village their path is blocked by several people. The woman looks to her followers who are also confused by this aggressiveness. The woman steps forward slightly and smiles.

Woman - My name is Eve the Messenger of Eli. I bring to you good tidings. I am a representative of . . .

Angry Villager - Rome?

Eve - (looks startled by the outburst) Well . . . yes but I am also a . . .

Angry Villager - We know who you are and we are well aware of the message Rome spreads. It took us years to rebuild our village and our lives after you swept through here and raided our village for slaves!!

Eve - (starting to look upset) No . . . That wasn't me

Angry Villager - Oh I'd think I'd remember the woman who killed my son when he tried to save my wife from being taken. You're Livia!!!

Eve - No please . . .you must understand . . .!

The Villagers start screaming at Eve to leave their village

Eve - (desperate to calm the villagers down)We only want to bring a message of peace!!

The villagers begin throwing things at Eve and her followers. One villager tries to attack a young man standing beside Eve. Eve steps between them and pushes the villager back down. The villager falls to the ground and Eve gasps and what she's done as the villager glares up at her.

Villager - There was word of your conversion but I can see now that was all lies and Roman trickery. You haven't changed at all!

Eve - These people mean you no harm. Do not take your anger out on them

Angry Villager - Leave our village! GO AND NEVER RETURN!! GO!!

Eve opens her arms wide and pushes her group of followers back slowly. She turns around away from the village saddened by this turn of events and walks away, her followers behind her. We fade to later in the day. Eve and her followers reach a river. She stops at the river and turns to her followers.

Eve - We will sit and rest here for awhile. When you all have felt rested we will continue on. Perhaps another village will allow us to get provisions we need. Do not be angry with those people. They were hurt and confused. Our path is met with many hardships but with great woe there is joy. There are people out there who want to listen and there are people out there who need to but do not yet know. We will go back to those people some day and things will be different.

The followers nod and disband to spots by the river. Eve turns her back to her followeres and takes a deep shuttering breath. A couple of tears espace her eyes and she quickly wipes them away. She closes her eyes tightly regaining her composure then settles herself down by the river. The young man that she had saved walks over to sit beside her.

Man - Thank you for saving me from that villager Holy one. Once again I am in your debt for this is not the first time you have saved me. Before I knew you my life and my soul was in peril.

Eve - You owe me no debt Darien. They were angry with me but you got attacked and I reacted in the wrong manner. I acted in a manner that is against everything I believe.

Darien - I believe you acted out of concern and love

Eve - Every act of violence I commit even with the best of intensions is viewed with fear and hate. My path is darkened with accusations of hypocrisy. I want to believe I can make this work but the tales of Livia have spread too far. It is so hard to find people who will listen. They don't see the message, they won't listen to the good. They won't allow themselves to see past their hatred for who I used to be.

Darien - Forgiveness is the most significant action in this world for it frees one from their hate. But to hate is easy, that is why forgiveness is also the hardest action.

Eve- True words. Where did you that?

Darien - From you. Forgiving is hard. Forgving yourself is harder. Some people can't forgive themselves and they are still trapped is cycle of pain and hatred. It makes them doubt their own power, their ability to do good. Doubt is the work of Lucifer, it makes his job easier. The Good People don't get in the way when doubt stops them.

Eve - Do you think that is what is happening to me?

Darien - You spoke of the time of how you saw the world a new again, like a child, after you were initiated. You saw a world where anything was possible. Perhaps you need find that place inside you where you feel that way again

Eve - I saw great hope and great love but I will never find it for myseld. Forgiveness and atonement are far beyond my reach. I am surprised you remembered though, I spoke of that long ago

Darien- The group listens and are inspired.

Eve - I wish everyone were as willing to listen

Darien - It takes time for a message to spread as it is for one to atone for their actions.

Eve - I don't think I can ever do enough good. Not here. I wish I could separate myself from who I used to be and the legacy of bloodshed I made.

Darien - It is the curse of those who can do great good to battle doubt, fear and hatred within themselves. You can not run away from your past or from who you are

Eve - Not run away. I just wish there was someway to wipe the slate clean to look into the eyes of the people and express to them a way of love like Eli. But I cannot. I am not him

Darien - But you are his messenger. You were chosen by him. You must fight for peace

Eve - (nods)There is a fight raging. It is like a fire that will continue to burn many years past our time. I can feel it. But how can I fight evil when a simple man sees me as evil? How can I help people when they won't let me? How can I work towards peace when there is no peace for me?

Darien - (lays a hand on Eve's shoulder)Holy one . . . Eve . . . You saw goodness in me when no one else would. I was spiraling into a dark world of black magic and hate. You saved me and gave me hope. I hope that Eli grants you peace of mind and the will and power to fight the evil that arises. I believe he will bring to you what you need to find your way

Eve smiles and pats the hand that lays on her shoulder. Darien takes off his talisman and hands it to Eve. She takes it and looks at the Eli symbol carved into the stone. She traces the symbol with her finger and gives it a kiss.

Close up of Eve's mouth in slow motion as she gives the talisman a slight kiss.

Cut back to Darien. He moves his hand from her shoulder and places it flat on her back. He whispers a few words incoherent to us. Eve's attention snaps up as the river begins to bubble.


NEW YORK: The Present 
The river drags Alex and Craig to a bank where the river becomes shallow. Alex is able to drag herself and Craig out of the river. Craig pulls himself up wincing and puts his arm around Alex again for support. She drags him up the riverbank and up to the road.

Cut to Alex and Craig walking through the park on to the road. Soaking wet and cold.They make their way into a more populated part of the city. People look at Alex and Craig strangely as they pass. Alex looks up and sees a few cars passing by. With luck she spots a taxi. She puts Craig down for a minute and flags the taxi down. It drives to a stop right beside her

Cut to Alex and Craig stumbling into Craig's apartment. Alex strips off her wet jacket as Craig takes off his shirt and looks at the wound in his side.There is green ooze surrounding the wound. Alex runs into a bathroom and grabs a first aid kit. Quickly Alex starts to tend to his wounds

Craig - Maybe we should have taken that taxi to the hospital.

Alex - And explain how the green ooze got around your wound. You've said it yourself a million times, no one would accept the truth of what we do, of what's out there. It's easier to do nothing then try to do something that's worthwhile. (sarcastic)That would mean having to do work

Craig - (winces and hisses in pain as Alex cleans his wound) But that is the nature of the human race. They just strive to get by from day to day because what else can be done? The good die young, no good deed goes unpunished, you stnad up for what's right onyl to get beaten down. Poeple just don't want to bother.You look out for you and your own and live in the here and now because tomorrow might never come.

Alex - (grabs his chin and forces him to look at her) Hey! You're not giving up on me are you? I need the pep talks remember!

Craig - (smiles) Maybe the thought of demons lurking in the night is a little too farfetched for people to believe.

Alex - We're lucky that cab driver didn't ask us any questions.

Craig - (looks at the bandage Alex put around his wound.) You did a good job

Alex - Yeah, well when you fight demons as much as we do it helps to be multi talented.(sighs) Remind me why we do this again Craig

Craig - Because we are the only ones who can. Evil is so common place these days it's manifested itself into something far more dangerous and we're the only ones who knows what causes it and can do something about it! The more evil people do toward each other the more hell mouths that open. The more hell mouths that open the more demons begin to plague our earth. And the more evil that it let into our world then the more evil people do to each other creating a virtual hell on earth.

Alex - Right the chicken and the egg deal. Which came first, the evil deeds or the evil hell mouths

Craig - (continuing on) Demons steal and damn souls. We give them a chance to choose and change. If we don't fight it no one else will.

Alex - We need help Craig. We can't do this alone. We're just keeping things status quo, someone actually needs to show the people out there that there is a choice, that there is another way, a better way.

Craig - (sighs) I know. I've been thinking about it a lot too. Remember when I went to Turkey to the last Eli temple?

Alex - Yeah, it was one of the worst months of my life. You asked for guidance right? And the Monk there gave you an Eli talisman saying it will help you find the answers you seek.

Craig - "Beyond time and space the message is there." He told me I have the knowledge and the power. When there is the need all I have to do is ask and help will be found. Do you think he meant the Messenger of Eli?

Alex - You mean like Eve? Xena the Warrior Princess's daughter, Eve? Are you off your rocker!?

Craig - Think about it Alex. She has the power to get rid of demons and send them back to hell. She fought off the first King of Hell and the skills she learned as Livia will make her an incredible asset. And better then that, she is the Messenger of Peace and Light! She can help people change. She can give a choice, a way out of the darkness.

Alex - Sounds great. (sarcatic) Oh wait, one problem. She's dead

Craig- What if we could resurrect her?

Alex - I think that ooze has seeped into your brain. Let me take a look at that bandage

Craig - (swats her off) Alex that Monk said beyond time and space I will find my answer. What if I performed a spell to bring Eve from ancient times to modern times by bringing her soul from the past and recreate her own body using all the knowledge and power of Eli spread across history, across time and space.

Alex- Is that even possible?

Craig - When you fight demons as much as we do it helps if you are multi talented.(smiles)

Alex - Okay I'm going to humour you for a minute and say "fine let's bring her into this time" What are we going to do then? She doesn't fight. I don't want to have to worry about protecting her as well if she is just going to stand there and not do a thing except wait for us to send a demon over to vanquish.

Craig - We can convince her. Eve would understand about the greater good and the need to fight for what you believe in. The darkness is rising and we can't fight it anymore. Eve's mission has always been to stand against evil. She would want to stop this evil from coming into the world. There is no time like now to bring her here.

Alex - You're going to bring a chick from ancient times into the modern world? She'll be traumatised

Craig - We can help her adjust. I've been thinking about it for months and made the nessecary preperations if I were to ever do the spell. This night has just made me realise how much we need her here. If this spell works that means she's meant to be here then the good we could do would outweigh the harships of her transition.

Alex - I'm probably going as crazy as you because what you're saying is actually making sense. You've never let me down before Craig and I trust you. (sighs giving in) What do we need to do this?

Craig - (runs over to his room and comes out again with a big book. He sets the book on the coffee table) Okay, first we need a human hair preferably from a woman. Female DNA will be easier manipulate to give Eve form. I have an ancient artifact which is the talisman of Eli. It is said that each talisman contains the wisdom and love of Eli and his message and the spell. My grandmother wrote it. I think she knew I would need it. (looks up to Alex) Could you give me a strand of your hair?

Alex takes a strand from her head and hands it to Craig

Craig - Thanks. Now take this powder and pour it in a circle then put four candles at the North, South, East and West points and light them

As Alex does as she is told. We pan over to Craig who unwraps the talisman that was wrapped in a white cloth. Craig put the talisman and hair in the circle. He takes the matches from Alex and lights the incence.

Craig - You may want to stand back.

Alex stands back aways and Craig stands away from the circle and holds up the large book.

Alex - If your grandmother could see you now.

Craig - (reads from the book and begins to chant in Latin) Messenger of Eli your presence wisdom and might is needed once more to protect the people of this time and world and contain the forces of darkness. Through time and space will call upon your wisdom and courage. Break through the fabrics of time and take form. As the message of love is in this talisman let the breath of life be in you!!

Alex stands back while Craig continues chanting and on the third time the flames from the candles sprout up into huge flames. A wind rises from within the confines of the apartment and blows the red powder around. The powder rises up from the circle and sprinkls on the talisman and the hair. The talisman breaks and sparks fly out and mixes with powder. Both objects disappear and the powder spins around and creates the form of a young woman. A flash of blinding light over takes the apartment and then dies away

As the flames die down there is a silence that seems like it could last an eternity. Close up on Eve's blue eyes as they snap open.


Alex - Whoa! It worked!!

Craig - Yeah (smiles)

Eve -(looks at her surroundings) In the name of Eli where am I !? (looks to Craig and then at Alex) Who are you?(suddenly becomes very panicked she is finding it hard to breath. She whirls around and puts a hand to her chest breathing heavily)

Craig - It's okay just calm down. You are among friends. My name's Craig (points to Alex) That's Alex. (steps toward Eve slowly) We're . . .

Eve - In the name of Eli and all the powers in heaven!!! . . .

Craig& Alex - (hold their hands up in protest) WHOA!!!!!

Alex - Hold on. We are not the bad guys here. So before you start working those divine powers of yours hear us out

Eve - (still panicking) I was by a river in Persia! It started bubbling and it washed over me . . . and now I'm here! How is this possible!!?? WHAT IS GOING ON!!!???.

Craig - Eve . . .

Eve - How do you know my name??

Craig - We know who you are because we know of the message of Eli.

Eve - Eli?(calms down a bit) You said Eli.

Alex - Yeah. We know all about him and you. We work for peace too.

Eve - (Looks around at the apartment she walks over to the kitchen area and looks at the appliances)What are these things? What is this place?

Craig - I know you must be very scared and confused right now and I know you're going to find the things we have to tell you hard to believe, so before we tell you anything about where you are we should tell you why you are here.

Eve - There's a reason?

Craig - You of all people know the forces of light and darkness are always at battle. The forces of darkness fight to get control, the forces of light fight to keep a balance in the world, to keep peace. People like us who fight to keep peace can feel forces shifting. That balance between good and evil has been shifted to evil's side. War and hate has been escalating more and more, demons are able to enter the realm of earth to take control. It is a cycle. The more demons, the more evil. The more evil the more demons.

Eve - (nods her head understanding)I have felt it.

Craig - You've fought them as well, like the King of Hell

Eve - But I didn't do that alone!

Craig - And Alex and I can't stop the demons that enter this world on our own. There are not many mortals who can withstand the truth of evil. We need your power to send the demons back to hell and to help us fight. Who better then the Messenger of Eli to fight for balance and peace. That is why we brought you here.

Eve - Where is here?

Alex- (looks to Craig) Should you tell her or should I?

Eve - I think someone should tell me what's going on right now!

Alex - You're in New York City 2001. Over 2000 thousand years in your future

Eve - (starts shaking her head) No! That's impossible (starts backing away looking for an escape)

Alex - Really? Look outside

Craig - Alex I don't think she's . . .

Eve turns around and runs to the balcony window and sees the large sky scrapers the lights and the cars. She gasps and freaks out!

Eve - NO!!! Take me back!!! Now !! I can't be here I don't belong here. SEND ME BACK NOW

Craig tries to grab a hold of Eve to calm her down but she pushes him off rather hard and he lands to the ground hurting his side. He screams out in pain. Eve stops screaming out in fright and stops and looks at Craig in horror at what she did. Alex runs over and helps him up

Eve - I'm . . . I'm sorry. I didn't want to . . . I'm so sorry

Craig - No it's okay. It's fine. I shouldn't have tried to grab hold of you like that

Alex - Yeah right! Crazy bi . . . .

Craig - Alex you shouldn't have just told her like that.

Eve - No. I asked to be told. I still shouldn't have pushed you down.(turns away shaking her head) What am I doing? Eli help me.

She leans against the wall appalled at herself.

Craig - Things are very different here. You're scared. I understand

Eve - You must send me back! I have a mission to complete! I must help people, guide them in ways of peace, show them a path out darkness. It is my destiny.

Alex - Eve we have a saying in this time. Destiny is what you are meant to do in life. Fate is the kick in the ass that gets you there.

Eve - What?!

Craig - (winces at Alex's lack of tact) What Alex is trying to say is that maybe being transported to this time is part of your destiny. Do you think Eli would have allowed the laws of time and space to bend if your destiny wasn't to show people the way of love in whatever time you may be in.

Eve - Does the God of Eli even exist in this time?

Craig - Believe me Eve, Eli's word has gotten around and his God reaches us even here but people are losing their faith, losing hope and losing sight of what's good. This city needs someone who can restore that.

Eve- But how can I help?

Craig - The human race's greatest power is the power to choose between good and evil. Demons take choice away by spreading, doubt, fear and hate. They damn souls making people think there is no good. They need to know that there is still good in this world. You can teach them. You can give choice back. You can provide a chance for people to change, to save their souls and defend them against demons that plague this earth

Eve - (shakes her head and brings her hands up to cover her face) This is all so confusing.

Craig - A lot has changed from what you know. Most of all and most important is the fact that demons plague this city. We will need you to fight.

Eve - No I don't fight! Perpetuating violence goes against my path. I can't hurt people

Alex - We don't either. We only kill demons. Hurting and killing demons doesn't count because they don't have a soul.

Eve - I guess that's true

Craig - Eve I know this world, this time, must seem strange and confusing to you but you are a bringer of light, of hope. To fight demons is to protect the people, their right to choose, the god given right to love, gighting, in what ever form, for these things does not make you evil, it does not mean you have strayed from your path, it means you are protecting it and the others who walk it with you. It is what you're meant to do, it's just that you'll be doing it in this time.

Eve looks back to Craig and Alex before Craig feels a sharp pain in his side where the demon from the earlier fight had struck him. He lets out a scream and winces in pain and agony. Alex rushes to his side to settle him down on the floor

Alex - Craig! Craig what is it?

Eve - What's wrong! What's happening to him?(kneels down by his side) Is it from when I pushed him down?

Craig - It's my side. The demon's slice. It's burning now

Alex - (to Eve) He was injured by a demon( takes off the bandage and sees the green ooze that surrounded the wound gone) Oh No! the venom had seeped in

Eve - I don't understand

Alex - A pollour demon scratched Craig in a fight. In their nails or in the spikes on their wrists they carry a venom. If the venom works it's way through the whole blood stream Craig will turn into a demon and he will commit acts that will damn his soul

Eve - How can we stop it?!

Craig - The cure is to inject some of the demons blood into my blood stream before I become a full demon.

Alex - The blood acts like anti bodies and it will help Craig fight the venom

Eve - Anti bodies?

Alex - Nevermind. The point is we have got to get some blood before . . .

Craig screams again and we close in on his bare arm. It's beginning to develop scales

Eve - So we get the blood

Craig - That's the hard part. Getting the blood isn't as easy (winces in pain and Craig's hand turns a green colour)

Eve - All we need to do is get the demon and get some blood from him

Alex - How are we going to find one? Invite it over for dinner? It will take for ever to find this demon and we don't have that kind of time

Eve - Do these demons know they scratched you?

Craig - Yeah but . . .

Eve - You told me their work is to damn souls. If you are becoming a demon and your soul is being damned, you are becoming one of their brethren. They will be looking for you. So we go to the last place where you dealt with them

Alex - That's just crazy enough to work

Craig - It's not going to be easy. Those demons are tough to beat

Eve - I'll help you

Cut to a park like area. It's still dark in the early morning and the park is pretty much deserted. Craig Alex and Eve walk along the park. They turn right to make their over to the bridge

Eve - How are you feeling?

Craig - (Crumples to the ground in pain) A lot of pain (He looks up to the sky and his eyes have turned yellow)

Alex - The changes are taking place in his body at a rapid rate we have to hurry!!

Demon - (snake like voice)There you are brother. Are you ready to join your clan?

Alex, Eve and Craig turn around to see a band of demons standing there

Craig - Go to Hell !!

Demon - It's not time to go home yet

Eve - Leave them alone

Demon2 - Oh look the humans brought a friend. How cute, maybe we can play with her.

The demon walks over to Eve thinking she poses no threat. She stands there staring at him not even cowering a little. It growls and bares it's teeth. Eve makes a quick move.

Eve- I'm not cute! ( Eve grabs a hold of Demon 2) In the name of Eli and all the powers in Heaven I banish you back to the underworld

The Demon screams in pain and disappears in a flash of light and nothing is left but smoke

Demon - Impossible!

Alex - Where your kind are concerned anything is possible (Hits the demon in the face and swings around and does a roundhouse kick on his head sending it flying)

Eve takes another demon by the arm and flips it over her. As a forth demon attacks Eve dodges the punch and sends two jabs to the stomach. Eve then jumps up and kicks the demon in the chest. Eve turns around and sees a demon heading toward her screaming.

Craig - NO!!

Craig gets up with great effort and runs toward the demon and throws himself into the Demon knocking it down.The demon gets up and grabs a weakened Craig by the hair. Eve stands there in shock as she begins to have flashes from the past.


Darien - You can not run away from your past or from who you are


Scene from the episode "Eve" where Eve as Livia has a hold of an elderly Joxer by the hair


Scene from "Eve" where Eve as Livia whips around to kill Joxer by driving a sword through his chest


Scene from " Path of Vengeance" where Livia moves to slice the head off Varia's sister

*end flash*

Eve - (shakes her head and whispers) No.

Craig - (struggling against the demon's grip) Eve! Please I need your help!!

Eve snaps out of her daze and looks toward Craig and she hesitates.


Scene from "Coming Home" Queen Marga of the amazons is knocked down by a soldier and is about to be struck down when Eve flips over to save her.


Scene from " The Haunting of Amphipolous" where Eve takes a hold of a possessed Gabrielle

Eve - In the name of Eli and all the powers of heaven I command this evil to be cast out!!!


Scene from "The God You Know" Eve is meditating in a cave with other Elijians. Close up on her face where two hands fall down on either side of her face. She opens her eyes

Eve - At last. I am ready

Arch Angel Michael - You are ready

Eve - Yes Arch Angel

Michael - You're afraid

Eve - No . . . I'm . . .

Michael - Have no fear.

*End flash*

Eve - (whispers) I have no fear. I am ready to face my greatest test to fulfill my calling

Craig - Eve! Help!

Eve - (snaps out of her trance and sees Craig in trouble) Craig!!

Eve runs over to the demon she jumps up and flips over the demon holding Craig. The demon looks all around to him wondering where Eve went.

Eve - Hey!

The demon looks up to see Eve in a tree. Just then she jumps down upon the demon knocking him out causing him to let go of Craig. Eve helps Craig up.

Eve - Why did you try to take out that demon when you are already so weak?

Craig - (still in pain)I didn't want to see you get hurt

Eve - But you barley know me

Craig - Does it matter? You are a human being like anyone else and you deserve the chance to live. It's what I do here. I help people. It's my calling in life.

Eve - I have done a lot of bad things in life

Craig - That doesn't matter. I know who you used to be and I also know the kind of person you are now. You have a beautiful spirit and a will to do a lot of good and that is worth saving.

Eve - (smiles)So are you.

Craig and Eve hear a groan behind them and they see the demon that Eve knocked out get up. Eve runs over and runs up the demon kicking him in the head. As she flips back she kicks the demon in the chest before doing a second flip backward and landing on her feet. She then grabs a hold of the demon

Eve - It the name of Eli and all the powers of heaven I command that this evil be cast out!!!

The demon screams and struggles against the grip and is vanquished in a flash of light and all that is left is smoke

Cut over to Alex who is struggling with a pollour demon. It tries to ram her head first into a tree but Alex just runs up the tree flipping backwards causing the demon to let go of her. Alex whips around and jabs the needle that she was going to use to get the blood but the demon hits her off and gets her in a choke hold.

Alex - Hey! A little help over here

Craig - That's the demon that scratched me.

Eve looks over to Craig who is wincing in pain again as he starts to grow fangs

Eve jumps up high and flips over Alex and the pollour demon and uses that famous move from her Livia days and pulled the demon off of Alex. Eve pulls the demon up and puts him in a head lock

Demon - Who are you?!?

Eve - I'm Eve the Messenger of Eli. In the name of Eli and all the powers in heaven . . .

As Eve says this Alex quickly drives the needle into the demons arm again causing it to scream out in pain. Alex pulls up the syringe and gets blood from the arm.

Eve - I command this demon be banished back to the underworld!!

The demon screams in agony as he fades away in smoke. Alex quickly administers the blood into the wound in Craig side. Slowly his fangs recede back into his gum line and his eyes turn back to their normal colour. He is breathing less heavy and he seems to relax a little.

Alex - (sighs with relief) It's working

Eve - Will you be all right?

Craig - (nods) Yeah I will be but we couldn't have done it without you. Didn't I tell you Alex, she's perfect

Eve - (smiles) I'm far from perfect but I'm glad I could help. It feels good to save someone again.

Craig - You not only saved me Eve you saved my soul. You see, your destiny can be fulfilled here

Alex and Eve help Craig stand up. A warm light shines on their backs. They all turn to the east to see the sun rise up over New York city.

Alex - (sighs) Morning. Yet another night of sleep lost

Craig - But for a good cause. Besides, what are you complaining about? You get to go home and sleep I have to work in the next couple of hours.

Eve - (feels the warm sun on her face and closes her eyes) A new day.

Craig - Yeah. A new day signaling a new beginning and a fresh start. Another day we can promise to protect the people of this city and work for a better future.

Alex - Or at least that's what we keep telling ourselves.

Craig gives Alex and playful nudge and she smiles back at him. They watch Eve in front of them taking in the beauty of the sunrise and pondering her situation.

Eve - 2001. A new day, a new time, a new beginning. (she nods to herself and turns to Craig and Alex) I'm not sure of my purpose here or what Eli has planned but I will see it through. I will make a promise just as you have to help the people here and work to make the future better.

Craig - You don't have to do this alone Eve. We can help. You're going to need us. If you're going to stay with us you to need to be a climatized to the 21'st century. There is a lot you need to learn and know

Eve - (takes a deep breath and nods) I am ready

Alex - So I guess that makes us a team

Eve - A team?

Craig - Why not? Eve you are the only one who can restore the balance so we need you and you need us to climatize you to the 21'st century. What do you say?

Eve - I guess we're a team then

Craig - Welcome to the 21'st century Eve.

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