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Selarisseen Amazons

About Our Tribe

Selarisseen is a sisterhood on The Xenaverse 2D palace chat. We are made up of many nationalities, are of different sizes, shapes, colors, and religions. We value honor, strength of character, and the right to choose our own paths through this world.

We are an online tribe of Amazons. We are a role-playing tribe, playing out lives based on the television series "Xena: Warrior Princess", "Hercules, The Legendary Journeys" and "Young Hercules".

Every year we celebrate Winter Solstice with a large in-character event including gift giving and a huge feast on The Xenaverse. Our adventures are as varied as our imaginations.

Though Selarisseen is an all-female tribe, we do not hate me, but we only allow women to live in the Selarisseen tribe. We allow men to visit our tribe but they must repect our rules/

Our High Counsil must speak in one voice. They help to settle conflicts in the tribe. While the Queen has final say and her decisions stand, it is the Council that determines most courses of action.

The Council was chosen based on length of time in the tribe and for their wisdom. As with any Amazon tribe, the current Queen was chosen by the Queen who came before her.

We value honor and strength of character and members who betray they tribe will be punished by being banished (banned) from the tribe and/or The Xenaverse. This can be as simple as lying about your age when joining the tribe, or as complex as challenging the decisions of the Queen. Selarisseen Amazons encourage free thought and expression of self, unless those expressions cause harm to the unity of the tribe. 

Selarisseen was founded by ErisPhobos in October 2008. If you value honor and honesty, community and caring, fun and adventure then Selarisseen is the place for you.

You can find out our requirements for joining at the JOINpage. You can read our rules for chatting and living among us at the TRAINING GROUND

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