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Virtual-mutant's: Faith Ep. 1
                         All my life I've been different,
                         nobody understood me, nobody helped
                         me… well, some did. That's why I'm
                         here, why I still fight. Prowling
                         the streets looking for innocent
                         lives to save. It might not sound
                         much, but it's my life. I've got a
                         lot of wrongs to try and right and
                         although I know I'll never find
                         redemption… maybe through this,
                         I'll learn how to live with myself. 

               Suddenly, a GUNSHOT sounds through the streets, followed by a
               SCREAM. Two THIEVES sporting balaclavas emerge from a small
               corner liquor store, dashing down the street. 

               An Asian man rushes outside, YELLING at them, but they're
               gone. We pull down to street level as the thieves round a
               corner into an alleyway.

         2     EXT. ALLEY                                               2

               The thieves stop, making sure they're not being followed.
               They take off their balaclavas and look inside their bags.

                                   THIEF #1
                         Red Vodka. Sweet.

                                   THIEF #2
                         Whiskey, Gin… the whole enchilada!

                                   THIEF #1
                         When we get back to the house,
                         we've gotta start planning the

                                   THIEF #2
                         Naah, when we get back to the
                         house, first thing we do is get

                                   THIEF #1

               They grin from ear to ear as they clink two of the stolen
               bottles together, then slowly make their way down the alley,
               when –

                                   VOICE (O.S.)

               They stop, slowly turning to see:

               FAITH, looking calm and sultry in her black leathers, a STAKE
               in her right hand, ready for anything.

                         Did you just rob that guy? 'Cause
                         if you did, that's kinda rude.

                                   THIEF #1
                         You wanna make something of it?

                         Hell no. I'm just saying, you know,
                         God doesn't look fondly on people
                         who do the naughty.

                                   THIEF #2
                         Ah, geez, a bible nut!

                                   THIEF #1
                         Come on, let's get outta here. They
                         begin to walk off but –

                         Another thing…

               They turn as she's up, literally in their faces. Quickly and
               swiftly she GRABS both their necks.

                                   FAITH (cont'd)
                         I really hate people turning their
                         backs on me.

               She LAUNCHES them into the air, sending them CRASHING into a
               wall. They take a moment to get to their feet, but they do,
               and Faith is ready, in her fighting stance. 

               Thief #1 is first up, coming at her with a flurry of fists
               and kicks. She edges back, studying his moves, before
               implanting her foot into his gut. She follows it up with an
               elbow jab and sweeps her legs, knocking him back down. 

               Faith's eyes flicker to Thief #2, who rushes her with a
               KNIFE, waving it right in front of it. Wary of the weapon,
               she backs off, grabbing her stake but unwilling to use it. 

               Finally, he tires of whirling the knife and lunges at her.
               She sidesteps it, pushing him into the wall.
               He TWISTS HIS ARM, forcing him to drop the knife, and kicks
               him in the back of the legs, sending him down to the ground.

                                   THIEF #2
                         God! Please!

                         I'm not God. Just someone doing

               She GRABS his hair, pulling him up to eye-level, her hands
               restraining him against the wall.

                                   FAITH (cont'd)
                         And you know, that's what you're
                         gonna do now. No more robbing
                         stores or hurting people. It's not
                         the right path. Trust me, I know.

                                   THIEF #2
                         What do you want from me?

               Her eyes narrow on him.

         3     EXT. STREETS/LIQUEUR STORE                               3

               We watch as Thief #2 carries the bag full of stolen goods
               back inside the store. 

               Looking through the window, the shopkeeper is both happy and
               annoyed, threatening the thief with a gun. 

               Pull back to reveal… Faith watching from the other side of
               the street, lurking inside an alley, the shadows almost
               absorbing her very figure. Those narrow eyes focus on the
               good she has done, something which should make her smile, but
               she doesn't. Instead, she simply turns around and walk
               farther into the darkness.

                                                             BLACK OUT:

                                    END OF TEASER
                                       ACT ONE

                                                               FADE IN:

         4     INT. APARTMENT - LOUNGE – NIGHT                          4

               The room is BARE apart from the furniture, which has sheets
               all over it, as if nobody had lived in it for a while. Boxes
               are scattered across the wooden floor. The only thing that
               seems to be unpacked is an AX. 

               The door CREAKS open and Faith ENTERS, almost SLAMMING it
               behind her. She flicks on the light, sighing as she massages
               the aches in her neck. 

               She SLINGS off her jacket and approaches the window, pulling
               it up, but it falls down hard. She rolls her eyes, reaches
               for the ax, and props the window open with the weapon.

                         Score for the dunce. 

               From the kitchen door comes a cat. This is GOLIATH, a would
               be-ordinary tabby if it wasn't for his size. He's not
               massive, but larger than the average cat. Faith swoops him
               up, holding him by the window, stroking him under the chin.

                                   FAITH (cont'd)
                         Miss me, Goliath, or did you just
                         miss the food?

               She sets him down, picking up his bowl and filling it with
               some cat biscuits. She pets the feline for a moment before
               heading to the stereo, clicking it on. The song "Out Of My
               Mind" by Duran Duran plays. 

               Faith turns to a box, pulling something out -- a small photo
               frame. She sets it down on the coffee table as we get a
               better view. A photo of ROBIN WOOD. Faith gazes into it, all
               manner of thoughts running through her mind. 

               Finally she breaks out of her trance and turns around,
               collapsing on the sofa, the white sheet still covering it.
               She flicks on the TV and watches it, her fingers dancing on
               the remote control. 

               Slowly her eyes become heavier, slowly dozing off, as we peer
               down at a newspaper.

               It's a job vacancy section, with tons of ads. One of them is
               circled in red pen. It reads: "DETERMINED AND OPEN MINDED

         5     EXT. STREETS – DAY                                       5

               The song carries through to this scene as we pan across the
               sidewalk, following a figure rushing down the street. It's
               Faith. She brushes past the countless numbers of pedestrians,
               all in a hurry to be somewhere. 

               Faith stops in the crowds, looking down at the map in her
               hands, working out which the right way to go is. She looks
               around, seemingly lost. She grabs someone by the arm.

                         Hey, you know where Oakmond Street

                         Yup, take a left down that alley


               She heads down the alleyway and comes to a backdoor. She
               above it, seeing a sign: "WEBB RESEARCHING." A small smile
               comes over her face as she goes up the steps and pulls the
               door open.

         6     INT. THE LAB - LOBBY                                     6

               Faith comes in, seeing the massive lobby, almost as if the
               building isn't big enough to even have this much space. She
               looks around, nobody there.

                         Hello? I'm here about the -- 

               Suddenly she sees PRYOR WEBB come through the door opposite
               her and around the front desk. An ordinary looking guy, no
               superstar. He's dressed in a white lab coat and some big
               black goggles, complete with a face mask covering his mouth.

                         Yrr mffb frff?


               He blinks, then pulls the mask away from his mouth, leaving
               it hanging from his neck, and takes the goggles off.

                         Sorry. I'm Pryor Webb. I own the
                         place. We spoke on the phone, I

                         Yeah. We did. If this is a bad
                         time, I can come back…?

                         No. No. I'm just, um, you know,
                         working. That's what I do here.
                         And research. You know, hence the,
                         er, title of this place.

                             (eyes him)

                             (long beat)
                         So, we should get an interview

                         I've heard that makes a great

                         Okay, follow me.

               He goes a different way to which he came, pushing the door
               open to reveal a corridor. Faith follows him in, her eyes
               darting all over the place, examining it.

         7     INT. THE LAB - PRYOR'S OFFICE                            7

               Pryor heads to his desk, taking a seat behind it, turning to
               the computer. Faith shuts the door and sits opposite.

                         So, what exactly do you research
                         here? 'Cause I'm not the book type,
                         I'm more of a hands on gal.

                         We research… well we can discuss
                         that later. All you'd need to do is
                         just, um, assist me when I do…

                         Sounds wicked dirty.


                         Um, nothing. So, the ad said about
                         open mindedness?

                         Yeah. Do you have a problem with
                         that? Are you narrow minded?

                         Uh, no. I'm totally fine with gay
                         people. You know, each to their own
                         and all that.

                         Um, I'm not gay.

                         Really? Thought I got a vibe there.
                         I mean… heh, no vibes. 

               Pryor eyes her before pushing some forms her way.

                         I need you to fill out an
                         application. It's the basic stuff.
                         Name, age, home address, previous
                         jobs --

                         Check. So… do you run these by,
                         like, the police or anything --? 

               She notices Pryor's curious expression and smiles.

                                   FAITH (cont'd)
                         I mean, 'cause that would be fine.
                         Nothing wrong with me!

                         How about we see the lab?

         8     INT. LAB - EXAMINATION ROOM                              8

               Pryor switches on the lights. The whole place is like
               something straight out of science fiction. Metallic cabinets,
               glass containers, a computer, and many, many drawers that
               look like they belong in a morgue. And a back office we can
               see through the long stretch of glass window.

                         So what do you do here?

                         I examine things. Dissection,
                         chemical analysis, things like


                         We've got the various tools over
                         here for testing and confirming
                         tissue samples. Chemicals that can
                         be used, combined --

                         What are those?

               She points to the drawers. Pryor looks at them, then turns
               back to her.

                         You don't need to know about them.
                         You'll be able to use that back
                         office for… whatever you young
                         girls do.


                         I also have an extra room upstairs.
                         The job does come with

                         God, no! I mean… I already have an
                         apartment. Plus, I have a cat.

                         A cat? Good job too. I'm allergic,
                         have been ever since I was young.
                         Used to sneeze my dinner all over
                         the table whenever Edwyn was
                         around, and my Mom would give me
                         that look she used to give when --
                             (off her look)
                         So… if you fill out the form you
                         can start pretty much straight

                         Don't you need to check references?

                         It's just an assistant job. Not
                         like you're applying to be a

               Faith nods, taking a breather. She watches as Pryor hangs up
               his lab coat and pulls on his jacket.

                         What happened to the last
                         assistant? I mean, you did have
                         one, right?

                         Yeah. I had one.

                         So did she quit?

                         No. Actually, she just left without
                         saying a word. It's a shame, she
                         was a great girl.

                         She didn't tell you?

                         Nope. I guess she just couldn't
                         handle telling me to my face. But
                         these things happen, I guess,
                         people come and go.

                         Always the way. Well, thanks, Mr…

                         Pryor. Just Pryor.

                         Okay, Just Pryor. I guess I'll get
                         this application done and return it
                         sometime tomorrow?

                         Yes, please, the earlier the

                         Sorry, don't do early. Midday okay?
                         I'll see ya then. 

               She heads out the door, eyeing the drawers one last time.
               Pryor watches her leave before looking at them himself, his
               eyes fixating on them.

         9     EXT. BACK ALLEY                                          9

               Faith leaves the lab and takes a side turn down another
               alley. She heads through the darkness, lost in her thoughts
               for a moment before she hears the sounds of a scuffle up

               Slayer senses suddenly active, she draws her stake from her
               jacket pocket and creeps slowly forward. As she rounds a
               corner, we come to a scene a few feet ahead in a new part of
               the long, winding alleyway. 

               A MAN in his twenties, tall and lean, is fighting off some
               kind of DEMON, a hunched, dark skinned creature with long,
               hooked claws for hands. 

               Faith grits her teeth and starts to rush forward as we watch
               the man duck and dodge around the demon's clumsy attacks,
               looking round as if waiting for someone. 

               With a shout, Faith leaps through the air and lands on the
               demon's scaly back, her arms trying to wrap round its thick
               neck as she struggles to hold it back.

                             (to Man)
                         Go! Get out of here!

                         Sure? Looks like you could use a

               The demon ROARS and starts trying to shake Faith off. She
               hangs on for dear life, legs flailing.

                         You trippin'? I said run!!

                         Maybe I'll stick around. 

               Faith finally raises her stake hand and plunges it into the
               demon's neck. It lets out a keening wail and sinks to its
               knees, and with one last WRENCH she snaps its neck. The
               demon's carcass thuds to the ground, dead. 

               Catching her breath, Faith looks up for the man she rescued,
               but he's nowhere in sight. 

               Frowning, she looks round, not noticing that he's now
               standing right behind her. He coughs once to get her
               attention, and she jumps a mile, stake raised on reflex. 

               The man chuckles – this is GABRIEL, a roguish kind of
               handsome, smartly dressed to boot.

                         You always so jumpy?

                         Who the hell are you?

                         Someone who's been waiting.

                         For what?

               He grins, eyeing her stake.

                         For the moment you'd threaten me
                         with that. I needed to make sure
                         you were who I thought you were.

                         Good news, pal, I guess it's your
                         lucky night!

               Gabriel chuckles again, then a cat SCREECHES from somewhere
               in the alley, and Faith, nerves still jangling, whips round.
               When she looks back, Gabriel is gone.

               We pull back to take in the rest of the now empty alley as
               Faith edges back, still gripping the stake, readying herself
               for a fight. 

               Faith looks around, seriously creeped. With another scan of
               the alleyway, she finally continues on her way, walking into
               the darkness.

        10     INT. SEWER                                              10

               The sewer is dark and dank, we have no idea what is above, or
               even what is below. The camera pans to see KILIK, a scrawny
               demon with HUGE BLACK CLAWS. 

               He SNARLS at a figure. This is NOA DERUBIA, a cute blonde
               young girl. She's breathing hard, struggling in the chains
               she's in, but glaring defiantly back at Kilik.

                         Get these damn chains offa me, you
                         B-movie reject!

                         Silence… silence, skinbag! Always
                         with the chattering!

                         Oh yeah? You think I'm noisy now?
                         You wait till the cops get here,
                         they're gonna drag you into some
                         lab and slice you open so fast, you
                         won't even have time to try and
                         kill 'em with your stinking breath!

                         I said shut up!

               He STRIKES her across the face, and she shakes her head as
               she recovers from the blow. There's an anger blazing in her
               eyes that you wouldn't expect from someone with her looks.

                         Go ahead. Hit me again. You can't
                         keep me locked up in here forever.
                         My family will come for me, my
                         friends will find me. And when they

                         You are weak. Small. Insignificant!
                         But I hunger for your flesh, like a
                         disease I cannot cure… maybe I will
                         taste you.

                         What?!? No… no! Get away from me!

                         Ssh! Just a little taste… 

               His eyes narrow on her before POUNCING. We only see the
               shadows on the wall as they WRESTLE each other. On her
               SCREAMS, we:

                                                             BLACK OUT:

                                   END OF ACT ONE
                                       ACT TWO

                                                               FADE IN:

        11     EXT. ALLEY/THE LAB - DAY                                11

               The sun is shining high above as we fall onto the building
               where the lab is. Not exactly the Ritz.

        12     INT. THE LAB - PRYOR'S OFFICE                           12

               Pryor heads through the door, back in that same old white lab
               coat, and moves to his desk, putting down some files, humming
               a little ditty as he moves around the office like a butterfly
               on heat.

               Turning, and spotting Faith in the doorway, he quickly turns
               his back on her pretending not to have seen her, picking up
               the phone.

                             (into phone)
                         Lily? Hello, it's Pryor. Yes, I'll
                         need those results and forms back
                         by Friday. Than you.

               He puts the phone down, facing Faith.

                                   PRYOR (cont'd)
                         Faith, I didn't see you there.

                         'Course you didn't.

                         So, did you manage to get the
                         application done?

                             (holds up wad of paper)
                         All twelve sections of it. This
                         thing's pretty thorough, Pryor!


               Faith hands him the form. His eyes scan over it, and as his
               expression changes Faith gets the feeling he's surprised by
               what he reads.

                                   PRYOR (cont'd)
                         This is… oh, you were in a coma…

                         Yeah, the first time I kinda got
                         stabbed. And the second time was a…
                         I got my drink spiked.

                         Oh. I'm sorry.

                         No big. I'm over it.
                         Did you want me to start now or --?

                         Later tonight, if you can. I have a
                         date and would really like some

                         Even better.

                         Of course, I'll have to show you
                         everything that we do here while
                         I've got you, it won't take too

                         Lead the way.

               Pryor nods, and starts to walk into:

        13     INT. THE LAB - EXAMINATION ROOM                         13

               Pryor and Faith are looking over some test tubes, with
               different colored liquids bubbling away inside. He points to
               some papers underneath them.

                         All I need you to do, is check
                         these at regular intervals, and
                         record the temperature and color.

                         Sounds like a piece of --

                         When you've done that, you'll need
                         to file the forms. But you can't
                         just put them in anywhere. You'll
                         need to first log the results onto
                         the computer, then print out three

               He heads the filing cabinet, opening it up for Faith to take
               a look.

                                   PRYOR (cont'd)
                         Two go in here, the other one on my
                         desk. Always, always, save the
                         files to disk. You then take the
                         disk and store it in the safe.

                         Safe? It's like prison. Only more
                             (off his look)
                         Not that I'd know, I mean. 

               Pryor heads over to an air vent and pulls the cover off.
               Inside is a large metallic safe, with a digital interface. He
               taps in a sequence of numbers and the safe swings open,
               showing a heap of folders inside.

                         Now, you'll need to know the code
                         to get into the safe. It's six
                         three nine six.

                         Got it.

                         When the disk is in and safely
                         locked away, you then record the
                         drop in. 

               He pulls out a clipboard.

                                   PRYOR (cont'd)
                         Just note it on there.

                         Okay. I think I've got it all.

                         Good. Because that is the job. It's
                         not exciting but it pays the rent.

                         I guess so.

                         So, you'll be back here later
                         tonight, right? I really can't be
                         late for my date.

                         Hey, have a little faith! 

               Pryor nods, the joke passing straight over his head as Faith
               heads back out through the lab door.
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