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MZPtv | Virtual Series & Serialised Fiction
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Who are we?

MZPtv is a long-running web fiction community of amateur and aspiring writers, where our users have committed countless hours to writing various types of fiction for people’s reading pleasure.

Though our primary output has been the scripted Virtual Series (fiction written in screenplay format, “aired” online in a similar structure to a TV series), we accept a variety of different content types, including prose, audio, and video. MZPtv also strives to provide our community with all sorts of writing tips, resources, articles, links, and recommended reading, along with plenty of entertainment-related discussion and silliness.

Where next?

You can use the menus, categories or tags to browse our content to find exactly the sort of thing you like to read.

You can dive into the DIRECTORY to see a complete listing of titles with easy-to-access content links.

Or you could head on over to our COMMUNITY FORUMS to join in the fun.

Please enjoy your stay here on MZPtv!

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